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Monday (11/16)
CW: Reading journal discussion, Vocabulary and content quiz
HW: See Unit Calendar

Vocab: humble, embedded, impurity, righteousness, malapropism, palindrome
Jorge's Quizlet
Leslie's Quizlet
Izamar's Quizlet
Marcie's Quizlet
Nolan's Quizlet

Tuesday (11/17)
CW: Quiz review, Rachel and her malapropisms
HW: See Unit Calendar

Wednesday (11/18)
CW: Adah and her palindromes

HW: See Unit Calendar

Thursday (11/19)
CW: Looking in to Leah and a "visit" from TG!
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Friday (11/20)
CW: Body Biographies
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HW: See Unit Calendar

Content Section

Directions: Choose the best option for each question.

75. What is the Western public opinion of the Congo, and how does it compare with reality?
a. The West sees the Congolese people as an educated race with a lot of potential, while they are actually uncivilized and violent.
b. The West sees the Congolese people as clueless to the world around them and in need of help, while they are actually very self-sufficient.
c. The West sees the Congolese people as savages and cannibals, while they are actually just regular people, trying to get through life.
d. None of the above.

76. What event finally made Orleanna snap and stand up fr herself and her children?
a. Finding out that the support from Mission League will end, putting her family in real danger.
b. Nathan slapping her across the face for speaking in front of the Underdowns.
c. Nathan breaking her favorite plate.
d. Rachel criticizing her cooking.

77. What role did Miss. Nagy play in Adah’s development?
a. Miss. Nagy was the teacher that realized just how smart Adah is.
b. Miss. Nagy was the lady that babysat Adah while Leah was out playing sports.
c. Miss. Nagy was the teacher that punished Adah for questioning the Bible, contributing to Adah’s loss of faith.
d. Miss. Nagy was a neighbor who beat Adah for having a disability when she was very young.

78. How do the Kilangan people vote?
a. They have to go to the next village over to vote in a voting booth.
b. They throw pebbles into a bowl that represents the candidate they choose.
c. They get together in the common space of the village and vote by show of hands.
d. They use drums to communicate their choice of candidate.

79. Which of the following is NOT a coping mechanism used by the Price women in their time of difficulty?
a. Mama laying down and not getting up.
b. Ruth May laying down with Mama.
c. Rachel staring into the sky where the plane was.
d. Adah starting to open up and talk to her family.

80. How does Leah describe Lumumba’s speaking abilities, and who does she compare him to?
a. He is a passionate, effective and energetic speaker, like a preacher at a revival meeting.
b. He is an aggressive, forceful and threatening speaker, like Leah’s father at home.
c. He is a passive, quiet and kind speaker, like Leah’s mother.
d. He is a nonchalant, amusing and engaging speaker, like a clown in a circus.

81. What is NOT a luxury that the Underdowns enjoy at their house?
a. A radio
b. Real meat
c. Chocolate cookies
d. A crystal vase with real flowers

82. What is ironic about Independence Day for Methuselah?
a. Methuselah spends Independence Day in a cage.
b. Methuselah gets eaten on Independence Day.
c. Methuselah keeps talking about freedom on Independence Day.
d. Methuselah does not care for the people of the Congo on their Independence Day.

Directions: Read the following Adah passage to answer the questions below:
“That is the story of Congo they are telling now in America: a tale of cannibals. I know about this kind of story – the lonely look down upon the hungry; the hungry look down upon the starving. The guilty blame the damaged. Those of doubtful righteousness speak of cannibals, the unquestionably vile, the sinner and the damned. It makes everyone feel so much better” (174).
83. The perspectives and relations between different groups are based on privilege or a lack of it. Why is Adah the best person to talk about this?
a. Because she is the most well-read, so she probably read about privilege in a book.
b. Because she heard her father talk about privilege extensively.
c. Because she was born with a disability that put her at a disadvantage to her peers, making her understand the concept of privilege inherently.
d. Adah is not the best person to talk about this. Nathan is.

84. Who is Adah accusing in this passage, and for what?
a. Her parents, for treating her differently from her sisters
b. The White, ‘civilized’ people, for portraying the Congolese as savages
c. Her siblings, for ostracizing her during childhood
d. The Kilangan people, for not accepting Adah as one of them