Monday (8/31)
CW: Syllabus Review, Letter to Your Teachers
HW: Sign Syllabus Agreement (due 9/1), Quilt (due 9/4), prepare for in-class analysis+summer vocab quiz (9/1)
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Tuesday (9/1)
CW: In-class analysis + summer vocab quiz, Nabokov
HW: Complete Nabokov and answer questions in RJ notebook, begin studying vocab for quiz on 9/7, sign book agreement (due 9/3)

Wednesday (9/2)

Thursday (9/3)
CW: Intro to Reading Journals, review of LOTF and Nabokov
HW: LOTF Reading Journal questions (9/7)

Friday (9/4)
CW: Exemplar of analysis, Quilt sharing
HW: Complete Your Brain On Fiction reading/RJ entry